On the Record

Here are the testimonials I have received from the various families that I have worked for. Each Family are able to be contacted once genuine interest in employment has been discussed.

Meaghan has worked for me looking after my two children aged 4 and 7 for 6 months from January to June of 2016. She has collected them from nursery and school, taken them to after school activities, and prepared evening meal for them as well as endless amounts of playing and creativity.

Meaghan is entirely trustworthy, very reliable and diligent in her approach to her work. She is careful to ensure the children are safe and is competent at managing any behavioural issues. Meaghan is very creative and uses her abilities to engage children in a wide range of arts and crafts activities.

I have been entirely happy with Meaghan as my nanny and would be happy to be contacted by future families thinking of employing her.


Meaghan Sharp has been a reliable, enthusiastic and highly professional nanny and babysitter for our 12-16 month old son. He struggled significantly with the transition to be left with another care giver but Meaghan was kind, loving and patient with him and spent time reassuring him, using distraction techniques and supporting him and me through a difficult time. I would not hesitate to recommend Meaghan as a child care provider. She is flexible, resourceful and extremely reassuring and I won’t forget the significant relief I felt leaving for work waving through the window to my happy son as he and Meaghan played in the front room. She was prompt and professional at all times and happily worked around our chaotic work schedules and did all she could to meet our son’s individual needs.

– Elizabeth &Toby

Meaghan has been great all round nanny and I can whole-heartedly recommend her. She worked for me from February 2015 to January 2016. I have been really happy with her. I hope to continue employing her on an ad-hoc basis. As a single mum I have needed to find live in help employing my niece as an au pair. I would definitely continue to recommend her including to my friends and family. Meaghan has already worked for some of my work colleagues.

My children are now 4 and 6 years old and she has been a really solid, consistent addition to our family. We all have a very good, easy and pleasant relationship with Meaghan – she feels part of the family. Timekeeping, reliability and organisation skills are some definite strengths of hers. She is completely reliable and always timely. She is very organised in her approach to her work. Meaghan is warm and reassuring. She is more of an arty, creative nanny than a sporty one.

Both my children really enjoyed making cakes, going to the park, doing crafts and reading with her. Meaghan has set boundaries, which at times has been translated by my children as strict; but for me this, alongside with her warmth and fun-natured ways, has translated into security for my children which has been really important to me as a single mum.

Meaghan worked on a part time basis adjusting her work commitments to align with mine. She also occasionally did late night babysitting and overnight stays when required. Meaghan also travelled to my parent’s house outside of Bristol during half term. She looked after the children in conjunction with their grandparents returning with the children back to Bristol.

Some of her weekly duties included taking my oldest to her after school clubs and lessons. Making sure my youngest was entertained by bringing home baked snacks, using local parks when time and weather allowed, colouring in books and pens amongst many other things. She also helped around the house with light housework as well as cooking healthy meals for the children and myself.


Meaghan Sharp looked after my boys, 6 and 10 years old, for most of the day for 3 months while we were on sabbatical in the U.K. We felt absolutely sure that in Meaghan’s care the kids were safe, well looked after, fed and delivered to the right place at the right time. Kids enjoyed being with her as well.

We were very happy that Meaghan was always on time, on top of our (sometimes complicated) time arrangements and kids’ activities schedules. She is responsible, caring, mature, and easy to talk to. We would highly recommend her to any of our friends.

-Alla & Firus

I have used Meaghan Sharp as a babysitter for my now 5 year old daughter since she was 3 years old. Meaghan has always been punctual, reliable and helpful. She is very capable with my daughter and I have no hesitation in recommending her. I have also recommended her to friends who needed a sitter at short notice and they have also been very happy with her and used her again.

-Lorna &  Simon

Meaghan has looked after my boy and girl, aged 4 and 2, several times over the past few years, since my youngest was a baby. She is very diligent, organized and attentive and engages them in constructive play as well as sticking to their schedules, which she is careful to acquaint herself with in advance. She’s a confident, watchful carer and not phased by tantrums or unspeakable mess! My partner and I have 5 kids between us of all ages up to high school, and Meaghan has looked after and entertained all of them at once.

-Anna & Gavin

I have known Meaghan for nine plus years as a friend. She has not been employed by me, but has spent time with my now grown children ages 9 and 12 at the time. It was a pity that she lives in Bristol; I’d hire her in a heartbeat. I am sure she would be an excellent candidate for any childcare position.

It was great having her in the house. She helped with cleaning, cooking, walking my youngest to school, walking the dog during the school hours, and supervising homework. She was always punctual and highly reliable.

I would say that she is a very creative individual who has no problem in showing initiative and making decisions. She communicates well, can be direct but always in a caring way. Meaghan has a positive and nurturing attitude towards my children; she is a good at listening to their thoughts and concerns and talking with me when their safety is at hand.

Her relationship with my children is good, she is very patient with them, and she likes to keep them stimulated and is generally fun to be with.


Meaghan has cared for  our 5-year -old son and 3-year-old daughter from January 2014 August, twice a week for a full day. And since had been our babysitter on an ad-hoc basis. On her full days she took sole care of the children, including meals, naps, walks and many other creative activities. All of this has always been done to the best degree, but creative activities require a special mention. Countless time I have come back home to see yet another amazing output by the children and Meaghan. Our son who is not always easily entertainable absolutely adores the games they play and activities Meaghan plans for them.

Meaghan is reliable, punctual and respectful; she a great person to know and have as part of the children’s environment. The children, my husband and I all hope she will be part of our life for a long time. I recommend Meaghan to you wholeheartedly.

-Nina & Arseni

I employed Meaghan as a babysitter on a number of occasions during July and August 2014. This was mainly during the day when I needed to go to a work event or needed to get on with some admin around the house (we were in the process of selling our house and moving at the time!). She built up a very good rapport with our twin girls who were 11/12 months old at the time. Meaghan was very calm with them and they seemed to bond well with her. I was confident in Meaghan’s ability to look after them and ensure their well-being. Meaghan was very helpful and proactive around the house, helping with various chores while the girls were napping. I’d recommend Meaghan as a capable and friendly person to have around the house and someone that relates well with young children.

-Jo & Finn

 Meaghan worked as a Nanny for our children during the summer of 2015. Meaghan looked after our boys aged 2 and 4 years.  During this period, Meaghan provided day to day care to our children including helping them with dressing up, preparing and helping them with meals, picking and dropping my older son to play group and taking both boys out to places like library, museum, play groups and parks. Meaghan also helped with dish washing and when time allowed, helped with laundry and ironing as well. Both boys really enjoyed their time with Meaghan. Meaghan was friendly and polite to them. Meaghan took both boys out for Shaun the sheep hunting, which they still remember. Meaghan was good at allowing them to express themselves and yet able to maintain the discipline.

-Ayesha & Kamran

I have been asked and am more than happy to provide a testimonial in respect of Meaghan Sharp. My husband and I are professionals who work full time and have a daughter who is now 8 years of age. It was on the recommendation of someone else who had had the good fortune of using Meaghan, that we engaged her on an ad hoc basis to care for our daughter as and when the need arose. That was not only in school holidays but at times when she was too unwell to attend school. We are both very careful about whom we leave our daughter in the care of but we have had absolutely no concerns about Meaghan. On the occasions when it was an emergency she was able to arrive in time to enable us to get to work but more importantly, was able to do so while keeping our daughter happy. That is a testament to her ability because it is when a child is unwell and perhaps grumpy that true childcare comes in.

Meaghan has always found interesting things for our daughter to do whilst she was in her care such as going to the village or local park, painting and drawing and even learning to knit.

All in all I could not recommend Meaghan highly enough. She is intelligent, warm and good humored and clearly has an affinity with the young children in her care.

-Sarah & Adam

We couldn’t have found a better sitter than Meaghan. She was exactly who we needed and our daughter loved her. She did a great job with sticking to our normal routine and getting her to sleep soundly at night. She was great with updating us during the evening as well. She is caring and professional and it was evident when she was with our Daughter.  Thank you so much for all of your help and for all of your time with us.

-Michelle & Henry